Life’s baggage weighs us down.
Isn’t it time you asked for help with yours?

Sozo Life Speaking & Coaching
equips & empowers women
to live their lives with greater
significance, clarity, and confidence!

Hi, I’m Robin Lewis, Professional Speaker & Certified Life Coach for Women –

Together we form a team to face what’s holding you back and pursue the growth plan  you need. With our faith-based program, women come to understand their God-given identity and value and grow to lead confident, influential, and powerful lives of significance! My speaking topics are relevant and provide you with tools to transform your life.

I find that most women are unaware of the true source of their problems and long ago made the decision to simply live with them. There are others who are unaware they have issues holding them back from the life God intended. They are living day-to-day the same way their mother did. You may believe, “This is just the way I am,” while the answers are here for you.

Together we can deal with past experiences, limiting beliefs, and barriers holding you back. You can learn to see yourself in the light of God’s truth, communicate more effectively, and set the boundaries you need for your life.

Decide today that YOU are going to Grow Forward and live the life you were created to experience!6 Logo 4-3-15


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Eliminate the ‘bla-bla-bla’ and the formulas that don’t work!
Together let’s overcome the barriers and clear a path for the life you were designed to live!

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It’s your moment. This is your time.

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Robin Lewis – or (843) 319-5390

 All teaching is relevant and faith-based.
The word Sozo  describes the abundant life of meaning we are created to experience.
A Sozo Life is a life that’s lived boldly and fully as the person you were created to be.

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Thank you hands

Robin’s coaching has given me a new perspective on my life. I now understand how to better communicate with my husband, my boss, and my children. Understanding how my thoughts and words affect those around me and how to use them with wisdom is what I’ve needed! Thank you, Robin!  –Coaching Client

Having Robin as my first ever life coach has been amazing. She has helped me have hope again that I really can change my life. Now my outlook is more positive, I know how to handle and eliminate discouragement when it comes, and I’m moving into a future that is bright. I thank God for connecting me with Robin!  –Coaching Client

I first knew Robin when she served as the Life Coach for the Biggest Loser Competition, then after losing my husband, she became my life coach. She has helped me transition into a very different future than I had imagined before, but now I am ready to make decisions for myself and my children as we go forward. Her coaching has made a huge difference in my life!  –Coaching Client

Keith and KarenRobin Lawrimore Lewis’ work with others in speaking, coaching, and fellowship is the Christian equivalent of a Fortune 500 Motivational Speaker. She lights up the room with sincerity, caring, and a true gift for leadership. With a heart for people and the Church, Robin has the rare quality of balancing her spiritual gifts and enthusiasm with a reality based, mission focused sensitivity, tact, and situational awareness. Robin excels in understanding and encouraging others to be their best. Robin is a spiritual warrior, sincere Sister in Christ, and enthusiastic, gifted Christian professional. Keith A. Welsh, LCSW Veterans Administration, Washington, DC

Ashley Dingle“Robin offered us great insight and advice on several elements that represent outstanding customer service for entrepreneurs at our Startup Business Boot Camp. Our startups have learned that excellent customer service is built on 3 essential parts: welcome, listen/inform, meet the need. Robin exemplifies this priority practice in her own business and daily life.”

Ashley Dingle, Manager of The Gould Business Incubator at SIMT

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