A Prophetic Journey

So I’m on this journey with God.  We made a change in direction recently, and I’ve been “sitting” in the same place for about a month.  No, it’s not been wasted.  If you’re drawing near to Him, God never lets you waste time.  He’s been doing a hidden work in me – and I don’t even know what it all means yet, but I feel it happening.  I feel that unusual combination of vulnerability and relief, of wonder and confidence, and of my vision becoming clearer.

In part, this time has been to rest and draw near, and in part to learn to trust even more.  I’ve had opportunity to be with friends and family over the holidays, but I feel this itch to “know and go” forward.  But you don’t start out on a pathway that is still dark.  You wait for the light to come because you don’t want to find you’ve been on the wrong path and you certainly don’t want to step off a cliff and possibly get hurt.  So you wait for the light to shine on the pathway ahead that indicates God’s purpose.

So many things that seem good and even look good can feel like God’s direction, but in the waiting is where the testing is.  Oswald Chambers wrote that “the good is the enemy of the best” and I want to wait for God’s best for my life.  Knowing that God wants to be a part of every area of my life, I can be assured that He has a “best” plan for me and blessings to give me because He is a great Father.  So the things that need to be tested as I move forward are those that seem good.  I investigate, question, think about possible outcomes for the different choices that are available and refuse to settle for less than what I really want.  If my expectations need adjusting, God can do that as I walk with Him.  And He certainly has “adjusted my picture” several times in my life.  Is it hard to say goodbye to the “good”?  Sure.  The more I get to know Him though, the more I trust Him to make those adjustments.  For I remember that I “see in part and prophesy in part” and don’t know fully yet.  God just has a better view.

He recently gave me a vision where I felt His presence in a very different way – like a combination of His turning my face with His hand and a feeling of His wrapping around me at the same time.  What I saw and felt certainly got my attention and I wept as I stood there.  I have not forgotten this experience and am waiting on the next piece of the puzzle.  I have found that life is like getting puzzle piece after puzzle piece until you begin to realize what the picture may look like when it’s finished.

So I will be on this prophetic journey all of my earthly life.  Life is this kind of journey.  And if you don’t know it yet, that’s OK.  It doesn’t change the truth.   And just like I am learning to hear Him and follow, you can too.  That’s what prophetic means – a foretelling.  As a good Father, God has promised in His word to tell us ahead of time, to give us direction, wisdom, and instruction – like a good father should.  It means that I do not journey alone.  He is always here to help me know the way and to keep my safe.  I love that.

John 16:13

Isaiah 45:11-12


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