Esther – A Life of Purpose & Risk

Those with the true calling to be an “Esther”, those born, raised, and positioned “for such a time as this” must go through a process of identity renewal.  Without the realization of who you truly are, who you were born to be in God’s Kingdom design, there will be no fulfillment of purpose.

Let’s look at the original.  The Bible tells of a common Jewish girl who was born a slave in complete captivity.   Esther could not have understood or believed she had a life of purpose.  She could not feel physically free.  Most days she could not see past her current condition.  But…  (There’s always a “but” in God’s design.)

But God had given to her someone in her family who loved His law, someone who honored God, someone who could see past their current surroundings.  Mordecai, Esther’s uncle, had raised her.  He had a sense of family.  He had a sense of responsibility.  He had adopted Esther.  Under Mordecai’s parenting, Esther learned about Godly faith, authority, and honor.  She gained a view of God that surpassed her circumstances.

As the story goes, she was positioned as Queen and became solely responsible for the saving of the Jewish people from certain annihilation.  The crown on her head caused her voice to be heard, but she was not heard for her own glory – to make her famous.  She was heard because she became the voice of God in that particular place and time.

Think about the purpose for your own life.  Do you feel that there is something big that you will be called to do for the Kingdom of God?  Could it be that He wants to use your life to make a difference, to have an impact, to touch others with knowledge of Him, to display His miraculous power?  If so, then the most important thing you could do to be ready is to draw near to Him daily and ask Him to show Himself to you.

We get our own sense of identity from our earthly parents.  Because none of us have perfect parents, there is usually some area that needs healing and renewal about how we see ourselves.  By coming to know your Heavenly Father more deeply, learning to be in relationship with Him that is real, you also come to see yourself differently in the process.  You come to see your own value to the One who thought of oceans and kangaroos and the Swiss Alps.  You come to realize that He really is the One who loves you and wants you to see yourself the way He sees you – a child of the King of kings!

Esther was royalty because she was chosen by an earthly king.  She came to find that the God she’d come to know through her uncle had chosen her for an amazing assignment that would impact millions of people.

Get to know God and see what happens in your own life.  Be willing to take a risk, willing to lose time or money, willing to be uncomfortable.  The story of Esther is quite exciting.  She lived a great story.  Don’t settle for comfortable, boring and safe.  Don’t settle for anything less than all God dreams for you.  If you don’t know what that is yet, start asking Him to show you.  Remember, you’ve been chosen by a King too.

Psalm 37:4 says this: “Delight yourself in the Lord (learn to love Him, let Him love you) and He will give you the desires (dreams) of your heart.”

Note: When you find it, remember that you can do it in HIS strength alone.  But that’s a topic for a future blog.  : )


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