All the Days of My Life

We entered a new decade a couple weeks back – to me that’s a significant event.  Every day is a significant event for every day is a new beginning.  It’s tempting to focus on things that have gone on before, things that have ended.  While there may be some emotion left to express, the “endings” are not to be the main focus of life.

If I stumble a bit in the transition, God holds me.  I will not let HOPE be stolen by forgetting about the current “beginning” I am in.  The One who gave His life for me is the One who created the universe.  There’s no greater favor than that. And yet sometimes I struggle.

God, protect me from fear of disappointment and failure.  Lord, quiet my fears that say my life will be a flop or that I’ve made too many mistakes.  God, protect me from the enemy who comes with facts from my past and turns them into fears for my future.

I am 49 years old.  I have lived over 17,885 days.  “Surely goodness and mercy has followed me all the 17,885 days of my life” and it won’t stop now.  Daily life isn’t just something to survive!  Yes, I have an enemy, but I also have a King!

Where I am now isn’t going to be all there is.  God has told me things I’d be doing and I’m not doing those things yet.  This isn’t all there is.  But today is important.  How do I want to live today?  I don’t want to lose “me” in the pressure and busy-ness.  I don’t have to prove myself to anyone.  I am just me.  I belong to God.

In Jesus’ name, I stand in God and in the authority won by Christ’s finished work on the cross and I bind down every power of darkness coming against me or that has strategies against me.  I am safe in God and He is my help and my shield.  I ask for angels to fight for me and to minister to me in this battle.

See me.  See God.  I am not beneath anyone or woven into any circumstance – I am a separate me with God.  I won’t lose sight of the bigger picture or get sidetracked by other people’s stuff.  That is instability.  God has given me stability.  Be consistent in beliefs and behavior.  That is growing up.

This is my life.  This is for the Kingdom. And I hear God say to me…

“I will take you by the hand and lead you.  Remember to let it be easy without striving.  I still have great things planned for you, and I will take care of your heart in this.  In all things.  You are my dear love.”

Psalm 23

(c) Jan. 2010, Robin Lawrimore


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