Faith – What Holds Up Hope

I received this as an e-mail by my friend, Nancy Knight.  I found it so encouraging to hear what she has to say about faith that I wanted to share it here.  She gladly agreed.

God has something for me.  I think He is still moving in me and revealing things from my recent fast.  Part of it is to rely on Him more.  While I try to give Him everything, I think I hold back on the little things that I think I can do myself, the normal day-to-day things, but am finding that if I include Him even in the mundane, day-to-day things, the little things, that it makes a difference.  You know, you can find joy in just about anything it you let God be in it.  I need to remember that when I am cleaning, or working or driving or whatever.      

“‘You must not let the circumstances destroy you! Too many in the Kingdom are counting on you to come through this because of the calling on your life!’ Those were the words spoken to me by a friend one time when I was in the midst of a very difficult business and personal circumstance that was threatening to destroy me emotionally. This person saw what God was doing and the fruit that God wanted to bring from these circumstances. Sometimes we need others around us to push us through the difficult times. If you find yourself in a difficult place today, see where you can sow some seed. Soon you will be reaping songs of joy.” (Os Hillman devotional)

Circumstances certainly have an impact on us and on what our next step or action will be.  But, to know that people in the Kingdom are counting on you to come through, and that we are sowing seed where we are, even in the tough time, even in the drought, is a matter of focus.

I read the Daily Walk Bible yesterday and it was in Leviticus, there was a note about how the Israelites would make their gardens, build their tents, make their homes and get things together and settled then God would say, “OK time to move” and up they would go leaving it all behind, not knowing where they were going, for how far or anything else, just following God.

The picture on my wall quotes “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” and how God is unfolding that in our lives now.  All through Hebrews are examples of faith, by faith Noah, by faith Enoch, by faith Abel, etc. and then if you think about it, now it’s us!  “By faith Nancy”, “by faith Robin” for our names and days are also written in His book.  Faith is what we want more of, faith is what we rely on, engulf, hold on to, embrace, faith is everything and yet when we have to use faith, walk by faith, move by faith or even worse, sit and wait in faith, we find great difficulty.

Perhaps we go through these times to strengthen our faith.  As we get stronger we can lead others to be stronger in their faith.  As we get stronger in our faith we hear God more, we walk with God more, we are with God more and isn’t that what it’s all about to begin with?

I think there is a major link between faith and out relationship with God, beyond the obvious.  By faith we are saved. By faith we follow Jesus. By faith.  Sometimes we have to just sit and wait by faith.  That is the hardest thing to do; we have become conditioned to always be in action, moving, and doing something, to not do something is very difficult.

God is holding me in His arms and telling me that when it is time for the next step He will let me know, but for now to enjoy what He gives me and just draw close to Him.  So I am going to dance. I am going to sing.  Then I am going to dance some more.


One thought on “Faith – What Holds Up Hope

  1. Robin Harper

    I love this post. “By faith Nancy…” and “By faith Robin…” is an amazing thought. There are times when we cannot say that. But praise God, there are times when we can. And those experiences are beautiful!


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