This Is Our God

The following is a bit of encouragement written by a sister in Christ who has come to know God on a deep level.  Be encouraged as you read.  Feel free to do like I did and print it as a reminder to you of who your God is.


“The favour of God was on those three and as they came out of the fire,

the one true God was uplifted and put back in His rightful place.

God is utterly trustworthy and absolutely faithful.

The God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is your God today.

He has not changed.

Our God is eternal and there is no shadow of turning with Him.

Just as they trusted God in the face of sheer impossibility,

many of us will need to trust God in the same way.

When there is no Plan B or nowhere to escape,

we will have to throw ourselves on an utterly trustworthy God.

And, brothers and sisters, until you get to that place, you don’t know God.

You can talk about Him and see others’ stories about him,

but not until we stand in that place with no other way out,

will we see the miraculous happen.

Then you will start to know how the Almighty God is,

and that’s why He takes us to that place.

He is the one who can save you from death or in death,

and is the only one we can trust.

Faith is ever discovering what God is able to do in the face of

absolute opposition and difficulties.

This is our God.”


“That’s My King” video from a message by Dr. Shadrach Meshach Lockridge at


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