~ God’s Promises ~

I am continually amazed by God.  I have participated in the Daniel Bible Study by Beth Moore and tonight we studied how God is a calendar-ing God.  He began with days in Genesis, and in Daniel, the vision that God gives and the message Daniel receives from Gabriel is about weeks and years.  I was enthralled to watch the time line unfold and see that God has it all laid out in black and white.  It reassured this unemployed, searching woman that He really is in control.

And not only is He in control, He has His eye upon me.  Me – one of 6 billion.

While He is watching over the time line of history, He is incredibly concerned about me.

And best of all……..I play a part!  I am important in the grand scheme of everything created.  I am His child and He has promised to take care of me.  His promises are as sure as the sunrise.

If He can lay out the time line of life on earth to Daniel, He can most certainly do anything to bring order to my day.  I am His child.  What would you do for your child?  You would not leave them lacking, or leave them alone, or leave them unloved.  No, you would provide, you would be  very present, and you would show them your love and care.  Constantly.  You would reassure them that you are for them and with them.  God does that.

What a wonderful God we serve!  What a wonderful God we have… a God to call our own!  A Father who loves us unconditionally.  He never leaves us alone.  And ponder this – He lives in us and we live in Him.

If He truly lives IN us, then He will take care of this body called His temple, in which He has chosen to dwell.  He knows exactly what we need.  So if you find yourself afraid at times, just remember birds and Passover.

Have you watched birds at a feeder?  Do they look worried?  No – because they know their Heavenly Father feeds them.  They don’t give it a second thought.   They don’t fly around worrying if there is going to be seed today.  They don’t even think about it!  So next time you feel worried, realize that doubt is from the enemy and say this out loud with your index finger pointed to Heaven:

“He promised to take care of me!”

Passover is the picture we have of  God’s care and deliverance – He is still in the business of delivering His children from bondage.  He still does miracles.  He still is patient with us.  He still will be who He says He is – our creator, our deliverer, our savior, our one of a kind God.

Passover began at sundown Monday, March 29th.  I was driving west as the sun set and I wondered what it was like to know that your God had just delivered you from 400 years of slavery.  A few thousand years later, Jesus was our “Passover Lamb” who today, for just asking still forgives, saves, and delivers us – teaching us to walk with Him.

Is it an easy walk?  Not at all, but there are rest stops along the way.  No turning back.  He is our freedom.

(c) March 2010, Robin Lawrimore


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