The Image

There was a time, a long time, when I was so very fearful of making mistakes or getting it wrong that I would flounder in the face of  decisions and work feverishly to keep up a semblance of peace.  I came to depend too heavily on others and their advice or instruction.  All families have unwritten rules.  One of mine was “Be blind to the reality of the situation.  Have others interpret it for you.”

There are some who are drawn to that and who rapidly take up a position of control over your life.  I have met many who through criticism and even using Jesus’ name who were happy to “help” me.  It only led to further oppression.

The problem was within myself.  I needed God’s healing and a change of mindset – a renewing of the way I saw myself and a restoring of my voice by finding out how precious I am to Him.  He has been faithful to take me from weakness and pain to wholeness and joy, from slavery to knowing that I am His child that He delights in.  This is my poetic version of that journey.


In frames of gold her pictures lie compressed behind the glass

Captured moments of days gone by – it’s her, but in the past.

Don’t romanticize or rationalize the truth until it’s gone.

There’s much to learn and understand so don’t start throwing stones.


You see, the person that she was forgot she had a voice.

She let others lead the way by giving up her choice.

They said “We know what you should do.  Don’t worry you can’t see.

We’ll interpret truth for you.  Here’s our reality.”


Along she went just like a lamb, forgetting who she was

Until God moved His mighty hand and put her life on pause.

He pulled her closely to Him, speaking truth into her ear.

He said, “Child, I’m close beside you.  Rest in Me and do not fear.”


“Child, I am your Father.  I created you to be.

Together let’s uncover your true identity.”

Then He began to show her gifts He’d put inside

Long ago when she was but a twinkle in His eye.


The more she gazed upon Him her heart began to heal.

Joy was growing deep inside and this time it was real.

And now she puts new pictures in those frames of gold.

And now she knows her Bridegroom whose love will not grow cold.


Where is she today, you ask?  Not at the window sill.

She’s leaping on the mountains and skipping on the hills!

She’s followed her Chief Shepherd to the places high

He’s made her feet like hinds feet to climb up to the sky.


(c) May 2010 Robin Lawrimore


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