The Secret Place

This year 2010 has been the “year of the secret place” with God.  I have struggled through it, lost much, gained more, and come to love it.  He is my everything.

My gain of more of Christ came when God seemed silent and far away.  I continued to choose to draw near and choose it again and again as I inch my way forward.  He’s not hidden or gaming in this, He is my cheerleader and savior, my beginning, my end, and my all.

He is wanting my search and struggle and sight to find a new place of nearness to His face.  Closer than ever before, I realize that He has promoted me towards the high places of His love yet again in a way I could not see.  I am assured and comforted that He is not only outside of time, but can see my life with a perspective I will never have.  He carefully rotates around it, knowing what to touch, what to challenge, what to root out, what to prune.  He is a gentle, yet firm Gardener of my life, a lover of my soul.  He gives me value.  As I learn what this means, I begin to see myself through His eyes.

If you have endured some struggle where your feet are too tired to stand and your mind worn out, choose to believe that God is the One True God, the only solution for your life.  Even if it turns out differently from what you hoped or planned, continue to inch yourself forward towards Him, choosing Him again and again, and come to dwell in your secret place.  He whispers near.


3 thoughts on “The Secret Place

  1. Stephanie Reid

    thank you for these words. they bring to mind deut. 4:29 and james 4:8a…verses i’ve clung to through happy times and hard times. He responds as we seek Him…and MY response as i consider this is huge gratitude.


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