Coffee Control

My Dad likes coffee a lot.  He’d drink it with every meal if it was made for him.  He’s older now, 79, and can doze off in minutes so we have to watch him.  We watch him because he likes to hold onto the coffee cup.  Even though it’s a travel cup with a lid, it will tilt and spill and trickle down his bathrobe and onto the floor in a matter of seconds.  My Mom sometimes makes him laugh with “If you spill that coffee, I’m going to hurt you!”   We’ve tried to encourage him to take a sip and sit the cup back down, but he doesn’t want to release it.  He likes to hold onto the handle.   I even have a picture of Mom trying to wrestle the cup from him with Dad holding on with something like a death grip.

We are the same way with things we want to keep control over.  When we refuse to let go of something God knows isn’t good for us or something He knows is about to get messy, the results will be that we spill our “coffee” all over ourselves.  We find it so difficult to give up our right to hold onto what we want.

If we let go and give it to God, we end up with blessing, for God blesses obedience.  Every time He’s encouraging us to move forward with Him it requires obedience on our part.  If we choose to obey, we find that we are not only changed, but blessed in ways we couldn’t have imagined.  But if we refuse to follow many times it is because we didn’t want to let go of what we thought we had to give up.

Anytime God asks something of you, it’s to place in your hands and your heart far more than what you have to let go of.  So turn loose of that coffee cup and see what He gives in return.



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