I Am A Voice

I am a tender, little bird
That lights upon the hand of God
And there, receives all I need.

I am a strong warrior `ezer
Created to be effective
As a daughter of God.

I am a gentle, quiet rain
That grows into a thunderstorm of strength.
What follows is fresh air.

I am a sunset full of orange, red, pink
That displays God’s artistic side.
Look closely and see His brushstrokes on my life.

I am a constant stare
That worships One in spirit and truth,
Content to be welcomed into His presence.

I am a tree, a mighty oak
Grown from a seed of love.
Other birds raise their young in the branches.

I am an ocean, blue, green, white
Filled with wealth unseen,
Reminding others of His strength, faithfulness, and power.

I am earthbound, walking,
Yet seated next to Christ in Heaven’s cafe`
Feet here, heart there, divided yet one.

I am a voice that speaks.
Things change here because
They are different where He is.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, 2011


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