Life’s Challenge

When there’s something you know you are supposed to do with your life, when you are certain and the fire of it remains lit – not like a pilot light, but like a furnace – and you have discovered that God has gifted you for it, that it’s the door you are to walk through, you must pursue it.  You must pray, draw close to God, listen, pray more, listen more, and always follow His direction.  You follow it knowing you won’t always get it right, but knowing His favor is resting on you.

And that door you are to walk through that represents your calling and gifting, who you are designed to be: whatever want fit through it, is not yours to carry or bear.  And it will be hard.  And God will shake the shakeable things within you to place you and your calling on a firm foundation because the reason you are here is more important than you realize.  And sometimes it will feel like you are looking down the barrel of a gun that the world or the enemy is holding.

Sometimes you have to look down the barrel and say “I will write the book.”

(c) 2011, Robin Lawrimore.


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