“I’m Just Venting”

We’ve heard it, said it, felt the need for it, and done it.  “Venting” is the term coined that allows us to have less self-control and be OK with it.  Venting is being able to blast out emotions any way we want.  So is that really OK?  In the Old Testament, the Israelites did a lot of venting.  God called it sin.  But are our emotions sinful?  Sometimes, depending on how we express them.  But no matter how we “feel”, we are to take that first to God.  Think about it.  If the other ways we are created are about our relationship with Him, what about our emotions?

The Bible is loaded with examples of people “venting” to God.  Look at some of the things King David wrote in the Psalms, and God was OK with that because David was saying it to Him instead of hurting others with his words.  Even Job didn’t think twice about telling God how he felt about losing everything, and in the last chapter, God says Job has not sinned with his lips like his friends had.  God has a problem though with grumbling and complaining.  Plain and simple, it’s ingratitude and can lead to other stuff like fear or idolatry.  Face it, when we’re not happy and get into complaining, we want something to fix how we feel.

So many times we want to feel justified, when we need to forgive and go on.  Even if that means letting others feel or believe they are right.  We don’t always have to address a problem the way we may want to.  And in reality, if we jump ahead and do that, we are sinning in our anger.  If we are angry, we need to handle it God’s way and first take it to Him.  He can handle it.  And then, if we need to go to someone who offended us, we won’t hurt them with our words.  We will be able to talk about what happened in a way that is honoring to them and to God, and in a way that values relationship.  If we choose to just take it to the Lord, He will help us leave it with Him.

Then we rest.  Honesty, forgiveness, and releasing it to God always leads to rest.



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