Secretariat: Voice & Heart

In the movie Secretariat, the owner, Penny Chenery is every woman’s hero.  Faced with new and difficult family circumstances, she made her best decisions, pressed forward, and like the horse, ran her own race even with powerful people around her trying to make her feel like a simple house wife who had no business in racing.  Undaunted, she cut her losses, sold what she could, and kept going.  She gathered a great team around her, believed in her horse, and was confident enough within herself to not give up.  She also was not afraid to speak when something needed to be said.

There’s one scene in the stables that stands out to me.  Someone is there to see Secretariat and asks who she is.  Her reply is, “I’m his voice.” She knew whom she represented and Penny Chenery was not afraid to speak up, face conflict, or choose her path forward to live out a life she believed in.

At the end of Secretariat’s life, Penny had an autopsy performed.  Secretariat had a heart twice the normal size for a horse.  Twice the normal size meant that twice the oxygen was being pumped through his body when he ran.  In truth, an abnormality, Secretariat’s heart allowed him to outrun every horse by multiple lengths and win the Triple Crown.  This unique combination of horse and owner was a team of steam that refused to stop.  Even life’s difficulties and more strenuous training strengthened them both.

I believe we can be a people who have heart like Secretariat and Penny Chenery – people who have faced conflict, defeat, and even death and continued to press forward.  People who are real, who say what needs to be said, whose voices are anointed by God to bring change, to bring life, even in the face of threatening circumstances.   How do we become confident in who we are?  By knowing whose heart is for us, by increasing our experience with God to know Him more.  He strengthens our hearts, weaving His strength in with ours, and moves us forward towards a finish line and a crown.  So take heart, dear one!  He holds all things together!  Go ahead – choose, speak, and live out the life you are destined to live.  Present a life, present a faith, and offer love that cannot be ignored or stepped over.  Remember whose voice you are, who you represent.  Run your race!

(c) Robin Lawrimore, March 2011


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