Lost Time

“Once today is gone, you’ll never get it back!” I’ve heard this fear-filled statement all my life.  And there’s a problem with it.

Each of our lives has a purpose from God that we are gifted to do, and through His healing, strength, and Spirit it can be done.  Our problem is that there are only 24 hours in a day. We are trapped in time, and it feels as if there is never enough.  We wait impatiently for our life to unfurl and blow with the wind of God – oh, the struggle with being inside of time!

God created all we see in increments of time – He created in days “and the evening and the morning” constituted a day.  As we are born, we learn to make our “to do” lists.  But here’s the thing – God is still outside of time.  Unlike us, He is never limited nor does He feel rushed when I hold up my “to do” list for Him to see!  He’s outside of it and able to bring change, order, healing – able to provide, arrange, and give strength for us in our journey.  And all according to the timing He knows is best.


I have a granddaughter who is about to graduate from potty training school.  “Remember I sit on the big girl seat now,” she said.  Her Mom answered, “Yes, cause you’re such a big girl!”   “I am…but my body is still small,” she replied.  She remembers that she is small, that she’s limited by her size, but more importantly, she knows who is bigger – her Mommie and Daddy.

Remembering that we are small, we submit and watch as God arranges details and provides like a Big God can.  Our lives do not challenge His strength nor does He get winded in caring for us.

Where we place our focus is key.  When we set our sites on what appears wrong (typical list: insufficient salary, credit card debt, relationship issues, lack of education, problems with children, etc.) and judge ourselves according to the world’s temporal standard, we live out the expectations that naturally follow.

If we choose to zero the lens of our life on what is possible with an unlimited God, then we begin to see life differently.  As we realize the view through His wide-angle lens, our expectations shift from being about “me and my limitations” to being about what God can do.

Earth and time does not “contain” Jesus for He cannot be contained like a lion at the zoo or the water in the pool.  Because we are His, we don’t need to feel pressured to labor or to strive because time feels short.  There is no shortage with God at all.

That’s the shift in thinking Jesus kept demonstrating for the disciples.  All they could see were five loaves and two fish, but in Jesus’ hands, it became lunch for 5,000 families with twelve baskets leftover for the disciples to hold and begin to understand.

God is a God of second opportunities and can redeem days, heal hopes, and untangle messes.  As you come under the blanketing grace He offers, He can bring you back into step with Him so you experience a joy not determined or extinguished by circumstances.

Joy is not built on anything passing, caught by time, but on the eternal, all-encompassing love of Christ in God that nothing can change.  Joy received from the eternal becomes a power-fest here, our strength for the time we are in.

“The joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold.”  (Nehemiah 8:10 AMP)

What do you need to bring to God for redemption?  What memory or experience has you trapped where you are?  Can you release to Him your “to do” list, your dreams and hopes and trust His timing and plan for your life?

© Robin Lawrimore 2011


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