Strength to Strength

In Psalm 84, about a believer’s pilgrimage, God promises that as we focus on aiming our lives towards Him, that He will “take us from strength to strength” until we finally are face to face before Him.  This is a very great promise and comfort for me as I walk the journey of life.  It helps to reshape my view of things that happen so that I don’t get stuck in what seems to be wrong or lacking.  I remember that God is not limited by earthly events or conditions.  The size of my bank balance (or anything else in my life that seems too small) is not a hindrance or boundary for Him, but only loaves and fishes that can be multiplied.  As a follower of Jesus, my view of life must grow larger and I must be able to see more than the present, more than the problem, remembering the promises of God that they are my own.  A small lunch becomes a never-ending feast in the eyes of faith.

As part of the Church, the believers, disciples around the world, our foundation rests on the strength God provides as we walk knowing Him.   I am one small part, but every part is extremely significant, and as each one, learning, growing closer to the Father, fills it’s purpose then the truth about life is seen and witnessed by those with eyes to see, with a strong Church being effective in every area of life and culture and loving those whose feet cross their path.

I don’t have to be super Christian or be famous or focus on obeying all the commandments.  That leads to a life of performance and a holier than thou attitude.  I just want my small part, my loaves and fishes lunch, and being thankful, offer it to Him and watch what He does with it.  I’ll have a basketful to stare at, wide-eyed, dropped jaw, in utter amazement at an astonishing God.

For more, please read Shirley Weaver’s devotional entitled “Strong Church”.

Blessings in your journey!

(c) Robin Lawrimore, 2011


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