The Beetle’s Path – A Resurrection

With coffee and journal, sitting on steps in the morning light, I spot a little brown beetle, overturned and struggling.  My first thought is to help!  He must be helped to be righted again.  All his struggle…legs thrashing in air, make me wonder what his little heart rate must be at that moment.  I hold a piece of paper down to him as a beetle “life-preserver”.  Success!  He wraps his legs around it, turns and is walking again!  His path was immediately random, so I asked him, “Do you know where you’re going?  Are you aimlessly walking along without direction?”

I thought of the times in my life where I needed help to right myself and get back on the path so narrow.  I thought of the dear friends who were there to throw me the “life-preserver” of encouragement, God’s promises, and a listening ear.  It’s together we walk and together on the path that draws closer to Jesus, our feet leaving impressions for those that follow.

But what of those who do not know, who do not have Him, and who continue to struggle to right themselves and find life’s True North, the path that leads to life?  In kindness God comes and invades our struggle with the offer.  “Would you like to become Mine?”  This offer comes in stillness or in struggle, and sometimes comes through me.  Will they cross my path today so I can show “the Way”?  If they do, if my Father arranges a meeting, I hope to have His Spirit words, His love for them that allows kindness, freedom of choice, and an imbedded knowing that they are seen by the One whose eyes never leave them.  In acceptance of His kindness, they can continue on accompanied by Grace.

“It’s the kindness of the Lord that leads to repentance (turning over, changing direction).”  Romans 2:4 is a gift.

He sees the beetle and He sees me, and leads me in the Way that is eternal, a continual resurrection.








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One thought on “The Beetle’s Path – A Resurrection

  1. Jenn V

    “A continual resurrection”…a beautiful reminder of the way He puts us on the right path, again and again. I visited through your link at Ann’s. Love this post!


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