I experienced something very humiliating today.  Accusation + defensiveness + broken human-ness + my own wrong reaction = pain.  But the remaining message was to stay in my place and be OK with it.

I will not “stay in my place”, but I will learn to stand in the place assigned to me by my Father in Heaven.  I will speak and hopefully it will be based in truth.  And when you speak – whether it be verbal or a simple quiet standing, you stand (“and having done all, stand” – Eph. 6) and know that you have the backing of the God of Heaven.  If your place of continual adversity is against your voice, you have been called and anointed to speak.

Be the voice you were created to be.  And be thankful that you have a voice and that it’s significance comes from the One who created you.  If you are anointed to speak, speak when prompted by the Spirit of God and don’t back up.





Loud and clear, dear one!



3 thoughts on “Voice

  1. lois

    a friend of arthur’s. i followed the trail. been a bad month. i scrolled down to the 15th (twas my b-day) i was in danger. i had to come to grips with the question, can he protect me or not? and there it was;
    I will not “stay in my place”, but I will learn to stand in the place assigned to me by my Father in Heaven. I will speak…
    you summed up my whole existence and why i am here. thanks for the reminder. i will camp here for a long while.


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience! And I praise our Father that the words on this page encouraged you in your life. He is faithful and will not only never give up on us, our problems are not a challenge for Him. He is very present, powerful, and His strength flows in you to “stand” where He has you. Blessings in Jesus! ~Robin


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