Necessary Feedback

“No one can really edit their own writing.”

While time alone is valued, God certainly made us all to live in community for we need to be in each others lives.  It’s not just the old that teaches the young either.  I can recall several times when a simple comment from one of my children changed my whole perspective.

Recently I was working on an article and had not written as well as I had thought (evidently) and sent it to my daughter for review.  When we got together to talk about it, she had several things to point out that would correct error, bring the topic more to the point, cut the un-necessaries, and encourage me in my writing.  At first, I felt a little down and wondered why writing sometimes feels like I’m climbing a mountain.  Then she shared that she’d had the same trouble with a paper a few months back.  She said “No one can really edit their own writing.”

While I felt convicted that I had not given enough time to making it better, I realized that she was right (she usually is) and came to believe again that it’s worth the time and effort required.  If I continue writing, I will improve, mistakes and all, and scale the mountain.  Such is life.  At least my writing is not in stone, but I bet they thought their topic through more deeply before they picked up the hammer.

I remembered that I don’t always know my own heart.  God tells us that in the Bible, but we still think we know what we’re doing and why.  I need the feedback and accountability of others for I will make mistakes in walking through this life.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”  (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Mistakes are only terrible if you don’t learn anything from them.  Mistakes are a gift of realization and growth.  And do I want more truth?  Do I want to continue to grow?  Of course.  I just don’t always want the conviction that initially stings like an injection, but I want the learning that comes like the vaccination that works to prevent disease or disorder in my body or in my thinking and behaving.

This is a benefit of close relationships with people and more importantly with my Heavenly Father.  I want to be able to listen and hear.  A close friend should be one that gives necessary feedback without trying to tell me what to do and handling with care my feelings.  My Father in heaven is always speaking and leading, bringing correction as He reveals the motives of my heart, and encouraging me to try again and trust Him for the process of life’s journey. Like a chocolate doughnut, His feedback is always dunked in love before it’s given.

Like writing, no one can really edit their own life.  Do you have a close relationship with someone who can give you necessary feedback?  Do you ask God for feedback?  I wonder what loving words He would speak to you today.


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