The Meeting Place – article

In Matthew 6:13, Jesus is talking to the disciples and says, “Come away with me for a while and rest.”  It’s a religious fabrication that says Christians should not need rest from weariness.  Some even think we shouldn’t ever be weary.  Those are usually the same people who think we should never be angry or grieving.  We were not meant to be super Christians.  Let’s face it, the circumstances of our lives affect us, just like they did Jesus.  If He needed rest, why not us?

We need that daily time with Him, but sometimes we need more.  We need to pull away, to some quiet place, and spend some quality time with God – napping, walking, eating, praying, listening – and just being still.  We need to “come aside with Him.”

Life can be hard and we need that refilling of the Holy Spirit in a special meeting place where He can hold us, shine His light into our heart, and show us areas that need more healing, fortifying, or refreshment.

Thank you, Father, for every time you’ve met with me to remind me who I am in you, to assure me I have your strength for what I face, and to lead me into deeper truth.  Every time I know more truth revealed, I have more freedom to be the one He created me to be. 

“You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” 

(c) Robin Lawrimore


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