Blessing Your Spirit

Blessing Your Spirit by Sylvia Gunter and Arthur Burk has been a source of blessing to our family and I wanted to share our testimony with you.

This year the Lord has led my mother and myself to agree in prayer over the members of our family.  We were convinced in our spirits that the Lord wanted to move our family forward with significant healing, maturity, vision, and growth in Him, and build a new foundation upon which to stand.

The prayers for blessing the human spirit are all based in the Word of God and as we have prayed these scriptures over our family, we have seen major change in individuals.  And this is just the beginning! The prayers are written so that you can place someone’s name in the text as you pray for them.  I have felt my spirit strengthened by His Word and it has enabled me to make better decisions in my thoughts and actions.

“We must focus on speaking to our spirit and the spirit of others, asking God to bring into our lives a massive amount of challenge, nurture, stimulation and direction for the spirit.  A person’s spirit should rule the soul, but he doesn’t get there automatically or accidentally.

As your spirit is controlled by His Spirit and is dominant over your soul, your whole person is conformed to God’s truth and His intention for you.”

To get a copy of this book, go to and visit their online store to order.


3 thoughts on “Blessing Your Spirit

  1. Charlotte Mallery

    Love this book and Arthur Burke! Did exactly what you and your Mom are doing now with two friends a few years ago. It was awesome. I recommend this book and many of Arthur’s other materials regularly. It will be wonderful to hear the outcomes of your prayers.


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