Treasure Unearthed in a Moment – part 1

To stop in a moment is to see treasure buried, unearthed.

A running description of a recent moment: Chianti still tasted, Tiramisu to-go with the aroma of coffee steeped strong before lady fingers were soaked.  A moment alone, to contemplate the last few days.  Days of granddaughters – giggles, questions, words mispronounced by the soft three-year old, bottles for one just eight months without words yet, words abundant by a reader at six years, intent on learning, and boundaries held by me.  One need runs and grabs the hand of the next need and it’s so easy to miss the treasure in each moment.  But to stop in it is to see the glitter, the sparkling of treasure within them, within me.  And we laugh!I remember another moment recently where He has me working and I recall a woman buying Vacation Bible School supplies.  While I suggest she consider the Gospel tracts, explaining the Jesus news simply, she’d rather consider balloons.  “You could be the reason a child finds forgiveness and a new name,” my heart speaks silently.  God partners with us to unearth the treasure, the deposit He has placed.  We see and we pray.

We are all such a mixture of old and new, of entitlement and humility, of dead and alive.  If I want it, I can walk in life that expands full with every sunset, every time I bow the knee to His will.  If I want it, I can walk in thankful resurrection as He raises the dead in me, and I walk more free with the shedding of grave-clothes, in exchange for a Bridal gown of adventure.

I am willing to let go.  I want the treasure unearthed.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, July 2011


2 thoughts on “Treasure Unearthed in a Moment – part 1

  1. lois

    i read your posts with much pleasure much pain. i am just finding my words and i see someone get to use them with such ease. they flow they sing they challenge they bubble up inside of me they tickle they hurt. perhaps god is using you to unlocked something . i feel the ground shift just a little bit more, i see a sprout. and i laugh because i know i’m going for a garden!


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