Treasure Unearthed in a Moment – part 2

“It could be a good day; it needs to be treated carefully.”

From The Hours by M. Cunningham

I get up before light has entered the sky, allowing myself privacy as if the house only existed for me and is waiting for my bare feet to come across it’s cool floor.  I rise and retire secretly.  It’s my time.  There are parents to share it with, but something of my days must belong to only me, like breathing.  But not just any air – air that’s not shared with another earthly soul, but air that is shared with God’s Spirit.

I love word days when God is writing on pages inside my chest and if only I could see it in a mirror, I would know what I’m to compose.  His Spirit fills a reservoir which breaks and releases on time and words flow onto the paper. In this process, God is writing, shaping, and changing me into His original design in the way a sculptor chisels away every bit of stone that is not part of what he already knows is waiting inside to be freed.

In boundless process, God is mining diamonds created by tremendous pressure and a thousand tears and reforming me into the unique part of His image that I am to display.  Everyone wants to believe there’s a sparkling hard brilliance inside them that, no matter what happens, cannot be extinguished because if it could, then how do we live so as to continue to enjoy the spectacular and the simple?  I want both.

A cool breeze comes in through the open door as if to kiss the one who has risen early.  It mixes with the aroma of coffee and the presence of One waiting to sit with me.  The colors are clay and wood and leather, like the beans I grind, and I sit before a large window for life in here reflects life out there.  Life in here brings life to the earth every where I will place my feet today.  I need the One to adjust my expectations for my first thoughts are sometimes thoughts of fear wondering if the day will hold hurt or disappointment, or if I will I be enough.  After immersing myself in the One, letting His love envelop me, I am more sure.  I am ready to walk through each moment not knowing what it will bring, but knowing He lives in and through me for whatever comes.  If this sounds simple, be patient.  Wait for it.

I want a larger perspective to embrace the day I am in.  For every day fully lived is one in which you plunge ahead like the first dive into a cold pool at the end of Spring.  You know Summer is coming, but you can’t wait for everything to be perfect so you lift your arms and dive, enjoying the feeling of the water against your first covering of skin.  You take a risk and move forward, and if hurt or disappointment come, you know that remaining positive and faith-filled will also keep your eyes clear enough to see the light, the goodness, and the blessing in the moments as they are redeemed.

I am a trailblazer heading into unmapped country daily and there are seasons that change.  In winter the task is to endure and to trust in the frozen-ness.  You wait.  But when summer approaches, and blows your skirt and warms your skin and melts the frozen layers of wounds, you know.  You surrender to it for freedom and healing are underneath.  You bow to God to find it.  When He does His healing work on what is exposed, you move forward, and find the earth responds for it has waited for you to walk on it today… and unearth its treasure.  You find this is what you were created for – to be the you in every moment and unearth the treasure in the moment, bringing the Kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven.

What are you waiting for?  Go unearth some treasure yourself!  He has it waiting.  What will you have eyes to discover today?


11 thoughts on “Treasure Unearthed in a Moment – part 2

  1. Darla Rennick

    Hello Robin. I delightfully discovered your blog through Arthur Burk’s.
    This posting is beautiful and precious! Thank you for sharing!
    I love the word picture of spiritual mining and treasure searching – that is one Father had shared with me as well.
    May you have a glorious day partnering with Jesus to discover great richness.


  2. Kristi

    Wow, Robin. Love, love love it! You’ve captured my heart’s cry and inspired me to pursue greater intimacy with Father all at once. What a beautiful combination. You ARE a kindred spirit, Arthur was right. I now also anticipate what will “break and pour out” of you! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!


  3. Rosa

    I enjoyed this post. I want live every day fully…and it takes an intentional awareness, a slowing down,to ‘be the you in every moment’. I have ideas of how I would like to be,or become…sometimes I am not sure how to get there,but that may be because I dont take the time to reflect, and ponder, so I can actually set something in front of me to reach for.


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Thank you, Rosa. I am a believer that I don’t have to anything at all in just my own strength or ability. That said, it’s been my experience that if I want to notice more of what’s in a moment, I just ask God to help me see it. It’s been amazing. And the more I notice in one place, the more I notice in the next. Your desire blesses His heart. Just pursue and see what you find. : ) And let me know!


  4. Sheila Kmoch

    Echoes my mornings in our soon-to-be new home in CO – outside on the porch with the coffee, sun warming, hearing the creek nearby, – and His presence there…learning the resting in His Presence rather than doing the next task.


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