Dear Individuality,

I’m here to remind you it’s OK to be different.

You are God-unique in family, body type, thoughts, personality, gifts, and opinion.
It’s not just permissible, but essential~ the world needs you to be you.
You bring something no one else has.

Don’t slip in comparing yourself to others.
Comparison leads to condemnation and faith falters.
The Father never compares His children.
Be and enjoy what makes you different and work to increase your strengths.

Remember to stop and rest.
From the rest will come greater clarity, creativity, and peace.
From Jesus-time, many truths and treasures will be revealed about the God-you combination.
Be thankful in the moment.

Spend time developing your gifts – they are your Kingdom influencers.
A disciple equipped for purpose, you are stellar in the grand scheme of world events at this time.
Pray, seek godly counsel to find ways to exercise and multiply what you’ve been given.
Indeed, “you are here for such a time as this” and arriving right on time.







(c) Robin Lawrimore, July 2011


9 thoughts on “Dear Individuality,

  1. Kristi

    This is so rich, Robin. If we could all grasp the depth of this truth, how different we would be! I’m gong to soak in this all day, then read it to each of my kids. (I have 8 :)) This is transformational truth!


  2. Janice D. Green

    Very nice and well timed. We must all learn to celebrate who God created us to be and not give in to thinking ill of ourselves. Neither should we be puffed up as we are who we are and where we are because of God’s divine intervention.


  3. Rosa

    Oh,joy..permission to be me..can I copy that,so I can also read it to my kiddos? I like to tuck things like this into my purse, for those times I have a spare minute,like sitting at a red light.


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