Learn His Voice

There was a day, just over six years now, and I was standing in a room of people with a cup of coffee.  There were conversations, the sounds of voices, kitchen utensils, doors opening and closing, and some music playing.  But all that could not drown out what happened, what was next heard.  From within, I heard Him.  He spoke in a way that arrested my attention and rose above every other sound.  My God, my Creator, was speaking to me about my life.

Within a few minutes time, I was invited to share in Kingdom events, my life taking on value and affirmation as if the stock market of Heaven had soared!  Only my value had always been high, but I had not realized its denomination.  I had not known of the inner deposit previously made that now, through the words I received, multiplied and connected me to a future of possibility, risk, challenge, and adventure.  A future of heavenly love.

If your vision is Kingdom-building, to make Him known in the earth, the “He in you” will provide leadership and the next step for the design implanted in your spirit.  The steps continue and are lit by the light of His glory until your journey is done or He returns… and will take you to the end of your own design, your rights, your pseuche` self – where your soul bows to the Spirit in you and you become elated every time He sends you out.

Shirley Weaver says that vision is where the breath of God intersects individual longing, engaging every aspect of mental and emotional design-making.  God-given vision is of a higher class [than imagination or dreaming].  It is the container that moves us from here, to there.  I heard someone else say that God loves it when His kids try something new and He gets to breathe on it.

God-given vision moves you from where you are to where you are going, like flying on the breath of God, the wind of the Spirit.  It’s the vehicle that carries your design, your gifts, your individuality forward.  It’s been said that the story of the forest is a grander and more important story than the life story of just one tree.  But without every single tree, there is no forest.  So enjoy being made into “an oak of righteousness for the display of His splendor.”  (Isaiah 61:3)  His presence within provides a leadership for the next step in the journey.  And it will happen right on time.

I’ve seen it.  On a trip to the Scottish Highlands, I was coming down the path and heard a human sound that was distinct, different.  I looked and saw a shepherd moving sheep from one pasture to another.  The Spirit of God spoke into my heart, “My sheep know My Voice.”  I watched amazed as the sheep followed the man from one pasture down the road and into where the grass was green and the water still.

Just listen for His voice.  We are His sheep, and you know what it says… we will know His voice and the voice of another we will not follow, for we learn to recognize the unique sound, the Kingly tones of the voice of the Chief Shepherd.  Today, there is no greater need than to know His voice, and no sweeter sound to hold inside the ear of man.

To learn the language of His country, to hear Him with greater ability, ask Him to school you.  He desires to communicate with you intimately, directly.  Yes, much depends on it for your purpose is of high value, but sometimes He just wants to tell you how much He loves you.  Be still and know…

Ref: Isaiah 61:3; Song of Solomon 2:8, 14; John 10:27

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(c) Robin Lawrimore, July 2011 – a thankful sheep


6 thoughts on “Learn His Voice

  1. shirleyweaver

    Robin… I love this!! Inspiring, exhortive, filled with peace to match the Lord’s day. Blessings my friend! -Shirley


  2. Rosa

    Oh..amazing. I have been teetering lately,wondering if I do actually hear,or if its just my own self. Today we were in the mountains on the cycle,and I felt that familiar..awareness, a stillness,and I sensed Him everywhere…in the trees,the flowers, the sky, the very air I was breathing. He showed me a picture of Himself sculpting me, and He blew off the dust,and smiled and said…you are special, beloved…you are unique..I love it that you are a little quirky and off the wall…I want you to be YOU. It came to me, that in all my striving to do right,I have become’spiritually correct’, so to speak, so I would sound right,and not be offensive,and have tried to do all the right things, and He just wants me to be who I am, and pursue Him. Blessings to you, and thanks for sharing your journey,I am encouraged,and sense a kindred spirit!


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