Dear Creativity,

Learn to color outside the lines.

Don’t be so absorbed in the rules.  Know them, then break them and see what the picture becomes.

You are modeled after the most Creative Being in the universe.  It’s OK to look more like Him and try something new, produce the unexpected, or allow a different color or sound or taste combination.

Wake up and flow like the river you were created to be.  You might even surprise me!

Stop to notice what’s in a moment, a conversation, a scene, the intricacy of the coat design of the giraffe.  Gain inspiration from what is near.

Use your gifts to give back to those who walk your path.  Be creative in how you relate and love others.

Your feelings of significant moments are fuel.  The art of your life can flow from your life lessons.  You are canvas.

Remember you are beautiful and a work of art yourself, highly valued and worth the life of the Creator.

Now go dump your crayons out of the box.  Feel God’s smile upon you as you become the creative expression He designed you to be.


(Painting is “Fresh Flowers” by Tarkay)

(c) Robin Lawrimore, 2011


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