Daddy’s Girl

There are no perfect fathers.  Usually every Daddy does the best he can, but everyone’s parenting is imperfect.  A father can’t give you what was not given to or invested in him.  As we grow up we realize what those issues were that our parents struggled with in life.  We  also begin to see them in ourselves.  Forgiveness and healing are needed.  All of us have to come to terms with our parent’s lack of perfection and learn to go to our Father in Heaven for our needs to be met completely.

It’s quite precious that Father God can and desires to make up the difference where our earthly parents giving reached its peak.  He loves us with an incredible love that has not changed since Creation began.  He chose the plan for our life, He chose the family to place us in, and He was fully aware of those sometimes unbelievably difficult circumstances that we’ve walked through in our journey.  He knew the ones we needed to grow to maturity, and the ones we needed that would cause us to seek Him.

I have had my share, as they say, of hardship, of difficult relationships in marriage, ministry, and business.  I have endured what some would not have and have looked to others to get what I needed.  I have been bitter, judgmental, and lost trust only to have God step in and do amazing repair to who I am.  In my learning to seek Him for what I need, I have found and recovered all.  He is my Father and  I am a Daddy’s girl.

When I was small I loved to climb up into my daddy’s lap when he came home every day.  I was blessed to receive all he had to give me.  He was a great dad, but imperfect with his own wounds and needs.  But he gave me all he had to give.  Being an earthly dad, it was lacking, but not so much that my Father in Heaven could not absorb all my need into Himself.

Receiving the immensity of my Heavenly Father’s love for me has rocked my world.  There have moments shared with Him where He lifted a curtain and drew me close and I felt like I did when I was little.  Discovery revealed I am cherished.  I am the apple of His eye.  He anticipates what is coming down the path and steps in to protect me.  He warns me about danger, and tells me often that He loves me.  One of His favorite things to do is invite me to sit with Him.  He just wants to be with me and encompass me in His love.  Like a tender Father or a seasoned lover, His love is focused on me.

Not long ago, I asked the Father to show hindrances left within that were affecting my relationships.  He was so faithful to show me where my strength had covered over my wounds, or where my responses had become inner vows or judgment.  When our healing time together was complete, I felt so tender, like a little child realizing her need with her Daddy’s strong arms around her.  Because of the immense love that covered me, I knew that I was accepted and deeply loved, all the way to the core of who I am.  It felt like He removed the worn and ruined clothes soiled by my stumbling journey, and then showed me a new dress, sparkling and lovely, He had bought just for me to wear.  And all because He loves me so.

I am already a witness to the effects of this personal transformation, and to see more grace in personal relationships.  I am certain the fruit from my journey will overflow my life-basket.  While sometimes the journey has left my feet feeling somewhat bloody, He has bathed them and dried them and set me down to walk again.

Like a child leaning against her father, He embraces this daughter restored.  He is not asking for anything.  He just wants my heart in a love exchange.  And He has given Himself in exchange for me.  For me!  I gladly give it!  What I have, I gladly give it to Him for He has declared my value in His nailed-life offering!

Made by Him, healed by Him as He has bandaged my wounds, and dressed me in new clothes linen white, I am the daughter of His dreams.  I love how He fathers me.  Yeah, I am still a Daddy’s girl.  His princess!


Personal note: My earthly father recently turned 80.  His birthday party is today and friends and family will journey to honor him.  His needs are great at this age, but he still treats me like his princess by taking my hand in both of his and giving it a little kiss.  And like the Heavenly Father we share, he is content for me just to sit and talk with him.  He still loves his girl.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, 2011


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