The View from Here

I was standing on top of Keystone Mountain in Colorado for the first time when it took my breath, my eyes filled with range after range of mountain peaks, like waves headed for shore on some other planetary beach.  Covered in snow, I stared at them, willing into my memory what was before me.  These mounds of earth that had risen were completely silent, yet carried a sound that shouted praise to their Creator. They stood in their authority to display the majesty of God.  I could see for miles.

We often talk of wanting to see further in our life, what’s down the road, around the corner, hoping for our hearts desire.  I have had two, maybe three unique moments where I knew I was being allowed to stand in a place and look back over what had been and forward to see something of where I was headed, having chosen “the road less traveled”.

There are some unique moments in life when you realize God has put you on a place of being able to glance and “see” what strength came from experience and how it prepared you for what you “see” in the future.  I love those.  When standing in a place like that it seems like time stands still and above me are the everlasting arms and smile of God.

When I was little, I loved for some big person to place me atop their shoulders and this feeling is somewhat the same.  These time-stopping moments are quiet and powerful and Matrix-like.  You know you’re standing on a threshold, between seasons, and time is there, but the Creator of time is holding it still and lifting a curtain allowing you to view His sovereignty.  He has these little surprises planned and like earthly parents, sometimes can’t help but give you a clue or a peak into what He has for you, grinning with happiness that you are his to surprise.

Those who put this Creator inside a box to be examined and understood analytically over a lunch of verses twice a week won’t receive much.  Those who compare Him to lesser gods of man-made origin don’t realize His true size or identity.  But those who want who He is – this Life-Originator, Lover, Friend, Unlimited – will receive more than they can imagine.  I don’t debate His reality, I just roll myself up in who I know Him to be, believing that the love and acceptance I feel, the truth that has legitimized who I am, will cascade and splash over onto others in my day.

While I am standing here, in this moment, I will draw close to the Creator and close to you, the reader and the people in my life, and enjoy the pause in between.

I like the view from here.


(c) Robin Lawrimore, 2011


2 thoughts on “The View from Here

  1. Darla Rennick

    Love these insights, thoughts & revelations! Thank you Robin!
    I live in Calgary, AB and have the privilege of seeing and going to such glorious mountains like the ones you described. I resonate w/ the majesty and awe that comes when you comprehend the vastness of our Creator & His excellent creation! Father speaks & ministers much in those places.
    Are you familiar with the Brian Doerksen song, “I love the view from here”? This post reminds me of that beautiful & touching song.
    Bless you as you continue to release life giving words that are like “fresh air to the spirits & souls” of your readers!


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