The Invitation…

Sitting quietly, allowing the overflow of life to be recognized and sifted through,  I empty my cup and ink pours onto paper’s lines.  I look at it.  Whether spoken or written, once out of me, I can release it or let it spill down my shirt attached.  But without release, its weight increases and becomes a back pack of rocks that seek to keep me bound where I am.  Poured out, I can again pick up my feet and move forward, clear, free.

Times and seasons change.  Under certain months and moons there is extravagant grace.  Other seasons feel like slow but certain death.  But movement is constant – like the train stations in London blurred with people.  The signs flip and rotate stating with a click-click-click that you board here to end up there, platforms numbered, scheduled and usually right on time.  [What is your destination?  Are you moving with God-forward intention in your life?]  Mind the gap between intention and reality.

The seasons of life slip one into another like train connections.  Some welcome, others not so welcome, but prove their value as time passes.  If all this life is about forward movement, about riding on the grace of God, about being Kingdom visionary and world-changing, then I want it – all He has for me!

New seasons are invitations to learn the new dance of the ages.  If we are unable or unwilling or refuse to go out onto the dance floor, we miss the beauty that longs to be revealed to us.  If I say “yes” to Him who offers His hand, and move out, He leads me in a new step that challenges me, causes me to cling to Him, but shifts the atmosphere in the room and affects every other dancer in it!  Even those who remain as wall flowers.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven.”  (AMP)  I want the new – to see more, not to stay mentally or spiritually where I am now.  I want to mature and learn and exceed my current condition in the process of change.  [Spirit-inspired eyes can tell the difference between the New of Heaven and the old of tradition.  How’s your vision?]

Examination in light of the Word is good.  Where have I seen negative repetition?  List it, and look at it.  Where do I need to submit to Creator King’s hand to enable change to come so that forward movement is certain?  Fill in the blanks.

  • I will not worry or stress over __________________ – my Father has all.
  • I will not doubt about ________________, but tuck the promises of the Word into a heart-pocket and let it renew my mind as faith increases.
  • I will not allow regret to sit with me over loss, but exceed the expectations of the perspectives around me, even my own that need to expand.
  • I will come to know the design of how He made me, strengthening my gift of _________________ and becoming more equipped as a disciple and life-giver.
  • I will partner with others who know me well and be challenged about ____________.
  • I will trust in the whole of God – all that He has in His hand for me – actively trust and intentionally follow His feet down the path.  My closer walk with Him heals all.  My trust in Him births joy!

When the lies come suddenly like darts, I bend to soak my shield in the blood of Jesus who found me in a rescue plan.  I remember the cost and my shield grows strong and darts fall to the ground.  [Safety in the place of stronger faith.]

He’s not brought me this far to leave me now.  Miles and miles of life, a trail of tears, of laughter, of struggle, shining brightly now for the good mined out of them.  I count the blessings of hope that anchor my soul, tethered to the throne of the One who was pleased to create.

Seeds planted by the One are seeds of promise about your identity as a change agent, a carrier of the Kingdom virus that was designed to infect and effect everything it touches.  Let it spread!  It’s bigger than the mustard seed – that grows into the largest tree, like spiritual skyscrapers [not to be confused with worldly success]!  It’s fruit may come in unexpected ways, but it will appear if your feet stay on the path walked by Cross Bearer.

The Church must open her spirit to receive of Spirit.  She cannot keep the One in a self-created, earth designed box.  If she would but desire more life, risk opening the eyes, vision-locked onto the One who birthed her, she would be fulfilled in purpose and others would be drawn in this new season as Jesus is lifted up.  Again, intention can exist a thousand miles from reality.  We may want it, but choose to “wait on God” in a way that says “No thanks.”

The difficult, the painful, or the risk associated with choosing change can tempt us to close ourselves off with layers of self-protection that build increasingly, creating an inability to receive all the One has to offer.  My friend, Vecia says that so many of us are huddled at the gate of the kingdom–knowing there is more, but so afraid to go after it.  [Tradition feels like a safe place.]  We must practice being open to what is in His hand, letting trust grow like that mustard seed and greater.  We practice believing, trusting, learning His voice for we need to know how to follow in the narrow straits ahead.  We are past the days of letting someone else interpret God for us.

In drawing closer to such a mystery God, the openness feels whole and gives courage for the next stepping into the new, this season He has prepared and carefully crafted.  With spiritual arms outstretched, we live fulfilled in One’s design, beautiful kaleidoscope, a strong, growing, thriving being that flies holding the hand of the One and bringing others along with us.  Forward movement.  [You are invited in.]


(c) Robin Lawrimore, 2011 – thankful for the invitation.


3 thoughts on “The Invitation…

    • Robin Lawrimore

      Blessings of strength to you both. Even when weary, God keeps me on my knees. Today’s lesson is understanding the difference between where I need freedom and where I need to just walk it out and grow. So glad the Chief Shepherd challenges me.


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