Dear Future,

You are looking fantastic! (Do I see new highlights in your hair?)

Yes, I am realizing more of who I am, and therefore coming to see a broader perspective of what you can be.

We are really going places, too.  And not just anywhere, but exactly where and when God directs.  He is the builder and author of time and has a destiny planned out where we are together at just the right places!  Cool, huh?  That’s why He is the King.

And hey, God has gifted me just right for you, so we can work together.

What used to look like a tiny profile on the horizon now looks as face to face, so let’s link arms and move forward.

And such a gift that there’s a time for everything under Heaven – a time for rest, a time for leaping forward, a time for speaking, a time for loving, a time for healing, a time for restoring, a time for blessing.

And “when I am afraid, feeling a little shaky, I will trust in Him”.  I WILL take the leap!  Thankful for those on this narrow, adventurous journey with me.

And God hasn’t left out anything.  He has packed my suitcase with all I need for my journey to you.  So keep looking out the window for me, for I’m just around the corner.








(c) Robin Lawrimore, 2011


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