Works-Based-Belief-Driven 18 Wheeler

The past couple of weeks have been a challenge in every way.  Mostly I have been challenged by God to grow.  And thankfully so.  If He didn’t treat me like I belonged to Him, I’d have to wonder if He loved me.  But love me He does.  I can face the darkness, death stranglehold, that crack in the sidewalk, when He shows it to me, or I can step over it, read something comfy and make a cup of coffee, wondering what movie to watch and hoping that missionaries are doing their jobs.

Instead of ducking my head under the false comforter of life’s activities, I have found I would rather accept His challenge for I have learned this: Because He is mine and I am His, I can trust Him to work through everything in my life, every event, thought, word, problem, and fire storm, and bring me to a point higher than before.  In this process, He pokes at the painful, dark areas and then lets me sit under them until I want to do something about it.  Once acknowledged, repentance-covered, and brought to healing, I get to walk out the new thing, the right way of living fully.  A simple explanation for a process that can take years.

And then, like many, I can stay here, isolated in my new area of wholeness without sharing it.  Or I can “take the road less traveled” – choosing consciously to break the bread I’ve been given with someone else on this path and watch the Bread Giver multiply its effect in me and in them.  And I become the missionary where I am because this is about so much more than me.

Those on the new path together can exhort each other to walk in hope, expectation, and avoid the same neural pathway as when we stuck to the wide road of the selfishly broken, riding in that works-based-belief-driven-18-wheeler of diminished hope, resentment, and obligation that refuses to stop on a dime.  That vehicle of thought intends to carry its load all the way into the desert.  And I’ve been there!

But, I’d much rather ride in the convertible with the top down, sunshine, wind in my hair, and choosing the full-life curvy mountain road that overlooks the sea.  It’s good for me.  It’s good for others around me when I am on the way to becoming that bent-kneed servant to others that can then be thankful, break bread, and offer life.

So when God says “Choose life”, “Share life”, what does it look like in your world?  How does it challenge you?  Are you resisting His change or repair work?  Let me exhort you, brother on the path, to care for yourself enough to do something about it.  You get one life here.  You can trust the One who gave it.  And there’s no joy greater than enriching the life of someone else with what the One has given to you.

Don’t buy into the culture Christianity.  There’s more.  Don’t miss the mountain ride.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
Dr. Seuss (The Lorax)

(c) Robin Lawrimore, 2011


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