Dear Solitude,

I am thankful you are here.
For without you, all would be clutter and noise and demands and needs.

I need time to be me, alone with God, whose eyes are ever on me –
like I’m the only person He knows.

I need time away from every other living soul,
so that I rest with the Creator, the Friend – time to be quiet and listen.

With you, I listen to what my heart has wanted to say when other parts of life
kept butting in.

I listen to find out where I am.
I sit and wait and He draws nearer, like a bank of fog thick, encompassing.

In His image, His pattern, I am totally dependent for every breath.

Quiet me, Lord, and take my hand and draw me away to a solitary place
so that I might be refreshed in Your river, Your ocean of promise, love, peace.
totally immersed, diving in who You are.

Alone in You.

~”Come aside to a quiet place with Me and rest a while.”  Matthew 6:31~

(c) Robin Lawrimore, 2011


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