Feet to Earth

There’s this joke that goes something like this: “There was a whole year of my life that I was unable to walk.  But with a lot of trying and encouragement from others, around the age of one, it all changed.”

I may have entered the world with a need for someone to do everything for me, but as soon as I possibly could, I walked.  I had no idea where this new skill would take me, but I found I could move across a room, then across a yard, and since I have walked onto airplanes and crossed countries and oceans to walk on other soil.

I love walking.  Feeling the earth beneath my feet, seeing creation rise up to greet me, and taking pleasure in the arms of the trees as they reach overhead.  I have entered their space when I travel by foot and the beauty God planted reaches into my spirit and revives weary places.

I hike in the fall, winter, and spring and listen for the Father among the trees and across land.  You’ll find me on beaches in the summer listening to His faithfulness in the waves that reach for me again and again.  He has been known to interrupt my amble or strenuous stride with a word of correction, encouragement, or assignment.  I’ve received the most amazing revelation about who He is while hoofing it across rocks and beside rivers, lessons I will never forget as He taught me about the flow of His Spirit.

He loves the land, too.  There are over 1,700 verses pertaining to land in the Word, and land is the meeting place between God and mankind.  I put my feet to earth and stand perpendicular off this globe of sea and sand and reach out towards stars, towards the heavenly places.  I raise my hands in worship to the One who spoke all this here and placed me on its Terra.

As His daughter, being discipled and healed by Him, being taught by those who have traveled here before me, I take my calling and responsibility with a cup of intensity for I have a sober passion for this earth, this orb where He was the first Gardener.

With all the Kingdom He has placed in me, I walk and leave my permanent prints of spirit and the earth is glad for the feel of my feet because I love Him so.  Physical foot prints get washed away by rain, but not the spiritual.  Spiritual prints claim and promise for future generations a Kingdom atmosphere, a Kingdom come.

Feet to earth, my walk is worship to the One.  For I don’t just desire to see this earth changed, I desire the One who made it.  And that is the purpose of discovery.  Worship is the reason for missions, for redemptive gifts, for purpose.  That all kinds of people everywhere would come to know Him in such an interior kind of way that worship would be spontaneously exterior.  Not in a weird way, but in a lifestyle and a motivation.  That makes this whole thing bigger than me, and yet I get to give the deposit, the submitting, the life He has given me.  I get to walk this earth and give it away.

And since I’m here temporarily sojourning this globe, I want to redeem and give away absolutely all I have been given.  Which sometimes doesn’t feel like much and other times feels like everything until it’s handed over, and I remember that it cost the One everything.  What I have has been bought with a price and so I am glad to walk it out here, in my temporary home.  And while I walk it out, I find home.

And “I’ve got my heart set on what happens next, I’ve got my eyes wide, it’s not over yet” so I am embracing where I am, feet to earth, to fulfill all my King asks of me, the redeeming of the land where He has placed me, and where He beckons me to tread, feet to earth, home.

(c) August 2011, Robin Lawrimore

Lyrics in quotes by Jon Foreman, “This Is Home” from Narnia 2.


2 thoughts on “Feet to Earth

  1. Christy Evans Douma

    “… the earth is glad for the feel of my feet because I love Him so.” I LOVE this!!! It reveals the life in this ole planet that we sometimes tromp around on w/o thought. This land that we’re connected to, because we both long for the same thing – the return of our Creator!


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