Broken Bread

At our table, we bless meals and meals bless us.  We break bread and the food nourishes us and we enjoy that God provides and gives the gift of taste.  We don’t want to take it for granted that we’ve never gone hungry as some have.  And we are thankful.  Many times, we share what we have with others, reminding them of our love and that they are seen.  They are noticed as precious.  I like to think that our little given flows into more than stomachs, but into hearts as well.

Jesus met the boy with the lunch on a hillside table.  He offered it, didn’t hold it back, and the Lord gave thanks and broke it and passed it out.  It became more than enough for everyone there to feel full, satisfied, blessed. I imagine the disciples stared at the leftovers for long minutes as the truth was sewn into their spirits.  Their idea of Jesus multiplied as well, even though it seemed quickly forgotten, they would carry it with them always.

Jesus’ life was bread broken, wine and blood, and that last supper together before the real tearing of the Bread is remembered still… “Do this in remembrance of Me” inscribed on altar tables under steeples thousands of years later.  That meal, that blessing, has been multiplied in such a way as to cover all brokenness of mankind.  And the reproducing continues… every time we stop to savor the face of Christ in another and offer what we have, every time we give honor to one who is hungry physically or spiritually, every time we take the lesser seat to draw out of another the deposit placed by the Creator… we multiply and share and are life-givers.  We are celebrators of Eucharisteo in a daily pursuit to recognize the life blessings from the Giver of givers!

Oh, for more opportunity, for more to give, to see Him bless the receiver and watch the gift of life carry on.  Thank you, Father, the Giver.  Thank you, Jesus, the Bread.  Thank you, Holy Spirit, the One who honors us by giving us these full hands of endless love.


(c) Sept. 2011, Robin Lawrimore

Photos: In the first, my Dad is on the right, having just shared a meal with two friends at an assisted living center.  The last is my Bible that bears my Life tape.


3 thoughts on “Broken Bread

  1. Christy Evans Douma

    ” … every time we take the lesser seat to draw out of another the deposit placed by the Creator …”
    To allow another to take the higher seat just to honor them is all well and good, but to intentionally reap something from that action is SO much better. Seek to honor others (sow seeds of honor), but always seek to harvest something as well. Draw out some fruit (the deposit) to spur them on to better works.
    It seems I almost always find some tidbit in your words that really resounds with me that day. Thanks!


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Thank you, Christy, for reminding me to look for the fruit of it. I don’t always think that way, as I was raised to give without expecting anything in return. There’s a right way to do that as Jesus talked about, but we also do indeed reap good from the good we sow. Thank God! And thank you for your encouragement. : )


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