Envy’s Poison – on Eyes of the Heart

Today I am guest posting on Eyes of the Heart, a blog by J. Michael McDade that is definitely read-worthy.  The ministry’s mission is to help others learn the healing power and love of God so they can fulfill their destiny.  I highly recommend it for “realness”, truth, and compassion for those weary of the status quo and wanting to live a more full life, unafraid to face life’s issues.

Here’s a taster from my post.  To read the full content, click on the link for Eyes of the Heart.

“Envy’s Poison”

When I am tired of the place of waiting and become disgruntled, I can become envious of others who seem to have or be doing what I am waiting for.  That envy becomes a subconscious anger and not only eats away my peace, but closes me off to others, and puts me at odds with God. 

I can stare so hard at what I have not had or what I have lost that I become self-focused and miserable, requiring God’s help to remove my head from my behind….

To read the full content, click on Eyes of the Heart.  Thank you!

(c) Sept. 2011, Robin Lawrimore

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