How to Unravel a Sweater

Poetry, life, and the unraveling of sweaters.  I enjoy the wee bit of poetry now and again and have tried my hand a few times, finding that the more I express myself where it won’t be seen by any other reading thing (including our Yorkie) the more I am able to express myself here.  One book stands out for me.

Poem Crazy by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge, subtitled Freeing Your Life with Words, has been delicious food for thought in my writing.  I’ve taken months to read it, savoring each chapter, and practicing most of the writing exercises, creativity sprouting!

She has a “whole life” perspective and offers wisdom learned from her Jewish roots.  The way the book ended has had me thinking for days about some chapters of my life and of the lives that walk the path with me.  For most of my years, I desperately tried to run with what was happening, cope when possible, and keep my head above the surface of the waves I seemed to be mostly under and holding my breath.  Yes, lots of holding my breath….

To read the rest of this blog, please go on over to Eyes of the Heart where I am guest posting today.  I hope it’s like bread for you.


(c) October 2011, Robin Lawrimore


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