Life Celebration!

Today I drive to North Carolina for a birthday bash.  Ten people from three generations will be celebrating four birthdays.  We are celebrating the individual lives of four daughters of God in our family.

They are walking, playing, learning and living through days, months, years, and we rejoice in who they are – legitimate, honored, and beautiful – gifted, called, and aren’t we all?

Life is a process of learning that our significance and legitimacy is not found in what we do or have.  It’s not found in accomplishment or competition.  It is found in increasing knowledge of God, our Father, and how He sees us, and we come to wear those clothes and those shoes, and we walk out and forward of where we have been, out of what binds us, to learn to walk in freedom.






With our Chief Shepherd, we go “leaping on the mountains and skipping on the hills” knowing that eternal love that cancels the fears of the earth.  (Song of Solomon)

Thank you, Lord, for life.  Thank you for showing us how to live it and for bringing us increasing freedom as we walk and run and dance with You!

Father, bless those we celebrate today with strength, peace, and joy in your Holy Spirit.  Happy Birthday to Lillian, Selah, Abigail, and Rachel.  I love you.

(c) October 2011, Robin Lawrimore


6 thoughts on “Life Celebration!

    • Robin Lawrimore

      There have been many times I have not been OK with God’s process, but it’s the only way. I am more thankful for it, and rejoice to see the progress made. So here’s to today in my current state! Thank you, God! : )


  1. Wendy Maree

    With each celebration, may they be found wearing the wedding garment, especially designed for each one, by our loving God. God loves celebrations! May you all experience the reality of His presence with you.


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