Dear Inner Critic,

I don’t like you.  Shut up!

You really should take a positive thinking course.  You are wearisome and I just don’t think this relationship is going to work out.  I’ve lost all patience with you.  I don’t think we were meant to be friends anyway.

You never believe in me, but always find fault and point out my problems.  You try to make your words sound like flattery and then you zing me, like one of those judgment house preachers who “shout” love and then scare the hell out of you!

You interrupt me constantly without giving me a chance to say how I feel.  You do your best to convince me that I shouldn’t even try, and then when I do, you are full of shameful words that compare me to the rest of the world.  You’ve only told me what I’ve done wrong and why I should stop trying.

You’re filled with impossibility and countless reasons why something won’t work.  No more “understanding what I’ve been through” and chipping away at who I am.  There you go again!  No, you’ve had your say.  I will not listen to you anymore.  You and your cloudy forecast predictions.

I am plugging my ears to your voice.  The fact that you continue to try to stop me signifies that something new is on the wind for I am hearing a new Voice.  The sound of the soft whisper is getting my attention.  My view is becoming like a wide-angle lens!

I will not lower my expectations because of you, I will not settle for less, and I will continue to aim for living full, giving my all to God, whether I succeed or fail.  Bullet proof?  No, but I’m not asked to be.

So, inner critic, I’m breaking up with you.  These talks are over.  Don’t call me anymore ’cause I won’t answer the phone.

(c) October 2011, Robin Lawrimore


6 thoughts on “Dear Inner Critic,

  1. Wendy Maree

    I am eternally grateful for being introduced to Centering Prayer, where the practice of inner silence helps with the bombardment of all the internal dialogue that plaques us, and creates “space”to hear the soft voice of God to break through. Bullet- proof? O how I wish! But how wonderful as the occassions of hearing that still voice increases.


    • Robin Lawrimore

      I, too, love just sitting or walking with the Lord in silence, in the same way one would sit with a friend in whom you are completely comfortable. There’s some simple piano music that aids my entrance to stillness, then silence with God is a highly valued and yet overlooked treasure. We are so full of words ourselves and so is the world around us. Thanks, Wendy for the reminder.


  2. Rosa

    Oh my word!! This is helping me more than you know! Today I was driving along, feeling really good, cause my girls did my hair and makeup and helped me pick a really nice fall outfit, and my inner critic had the gall to pipe up with- well, but it would look better if you were thinner!!! I got all squinty eyed, and said out loud ‘ WILL YOU SHUT UP’! Lol – how liberating! Thanks for this post!


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