The Fiction Section

Tonight we dedicated a new division of the book store where I work.  We had done our praying over the last several weeks as the Lord led and revealed to us what needed to be addressed.  We had taken several things before Him and laid them there, sin offerings and sacrifices, and replaced them with love and obedience and relationship, and had watched Him restore.

Tonight during the dedication, I realized I was standing between aisles of books in the fiction section.  Fiction?  Doesn’t describe me, and yet there I stood.  I listened as scripture was read and communion received – 1 Thessalonians 5:23 and verses from Matthew 26.  Bread and cup and affirmation of faith about the whole person, spirit, soul, and body.

There I stood and listened reliving the story of the Last Supper.  Never tiring of it, always waiting for the day where we celebrate in a new Kingdom, my thoughts were there, in the future and there where my feet were planted like temporary stakes.  We partake of what’s provided, what’s handed out.  Hand to hand, unleavened bread and a cup.  With broken bread and wine that is sweet my eyes fall on a title: “Love’s Pursuit.”

He always pursues us.  He never tires.  He always has the goal in mind with eyes upon His children – love, love, love.  Love’s pursuit, chasing me down the street to tell me how valued and precious I am.  Holding the hands of business owners who seek to never steal His glory, but proclaim it.  And transforming every person who comes through the doors…

God intervenes and we respond and gain momentum in His purpose for us.

If we resist His intervention, we stray from ordered purpose and start to lose perspective, eyes dimming, not seeing.

And love pursues.  And like a lover’s response, I turned and felt the relief of His presence again.  So thankful that I don’t have to have it all together, just “letting Him catch me” like a sweetheart who chases after me down a path, slowing and feeling His arms wrap around and love me where I am, how I am.  This is my place.

Thank you, Jesus, for finding me here in this place.

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(c) Robin Lawrimore, November 2011


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