Miles of Ink

I see light suddenly bounce as it comes in low through windows – a message, an announcement.  Suddenly tables, chairs, and cups glow, light and shadow, reflecting on my page, yellow with lines.  The Barcelona cup sits like a stained glass window with a handle.  The earth is continuing to turn and all things are held together by Him.

I write and attempt to describe what is flooding my cornea.  My page is an entire world.  Upon it anything can become real, exploding with color, sharp and distinct, and be brought into light.  The sun at that angle reveals where I pressed my pen to create.

How many miles of ink does it take to say what needs to be said, to say what waits to be said?  How many hearts wait, spirit ears open, for the pen that translates heavenly language to that of earth?

I bounce ideas off Robert, who keeps my cup filled, like the sun bounces off the walls of the coffee shop, hoping to find something that lands well. What others can hear and receive.

If you stare at earth, you see earth.  If you let Me bring you higher, you will see higher.  Your vision has to adjust.  You are to bring the language of Heaven to earth in such a way to enable the hearer to move and walk differently, to come up higher and rise above where they are.

Father, I need Your words.  Be my translator so Your language, and Heaven’s atmosphere, fills a room like the afternoon sun.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, December 2011


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