Breathe in God

Son of man, can these bones live?”

“O Lord GOD, You know.”

“Prophesy to the breath, Son of man.

Prophesy to the breath!”  (Ezekiel)

I have read that the letters of the name of God in Hebrew {YHWH} typically read Yahweh by the Western world, cannot be properly pronounced in English, for this word {YHWH} is like the sound of a breath.

Rabbi Lawrence Kushner wrote The holiest name in the world, the Name of Creator, is the sound of your own breathing. That these letters are unpronounceable is no accident. Just as it is no accident that they are also the root letters of the Hebrew verb ‘to be’… God’s name is name of Being itself.

I remember when my children were very small and fell victim to a terrible cold or were wheezing from congestion.  We’d spend an hour in the bathroom with the shower full on hot until moisture and heat joined to help clear sinuses and bronchial passages.  Without breath, without the God-combination make-up of the air we breathe, we die.  Hearing them breathe easy again was symphony to a young mother’s ears for you want them running, smiling, full of breath and life.

I stop to listen to my breath, just audible, but present and think of all the precious ones Father has created, knit together – lungs and all – and see memories of children running, breaths coming faster, hearts beating harder, and all held together by the One who knows how to “fearfully and wonderfully” create.

I hear the dog snoring on the chair this lazy afternoon.  I hear the voices of daughters, family, friends by phone – all breathing.  What does Father know that we don’t yet realize about ourselves?  Another breath.  (How many since I typed this last paragraph?)  Just as breaths continue, so does time and with every breath, I breathe Him in for He is.

Communion on Christmas morning was tender, receiving the bread and the wine, remembering and taking more of Jesus into myself, hoping for evidence in some transformational way on the outside.  Take Him in, breathe in very God – {thoughts, sight, hearing, heart} – life is changed.  Full.

Jesus, too, was knit together in a womb and to think of His birth and first breath of earthly air – God breathing here – the very air He had supplied brings a fresh reality to His life.  Contractions, pushing, Mary breathing, bearing down hard to bring Him forth into her arms, into ours, and a first cry – quietly witnessed above by the One who not only hovered over her, but over a Garden, shouts LIFE.  He breathed in and gave all and prophesied to dry bones and empty lungs everywhere – Receive!  Receive without cost.  Full of breath and life.

We can become full — practicing His presence, drawing nearer – letting Him into our earthly existence, receiving Him as Mary’s arms did – holding more of God.  And as we do, we are changed from dry bones and shortness of breath to fuller life.  As we yield, as we say, “O Lord God, You know” to the impossibilities, He enters and prophesies abundance to the breath, and increasingly healed, we run like children, breaths coming faster, hearts beating harder, held together by the One who has breathed our air and “given us all we need for life,” living full.  Thank you, Jesus, Child-King, God-Man, Savior, YHWH.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, December 2011


7 thoughts on “Breathe in God

  1. Anthony Baker

    Robin, that was incredible. I had never seen this truth, before. The connection between breathing and God’s name is so refreshingly profound! Undoubtably, this will be the basis of an upcoming sermon. Thank you so very, very much for sharing, and in such an eloquent way!

    I’m going to now share this post with everyone of my friends on Facebook.


  2. Jane Hillyard

    Although I read it many, many times, Dry Bones still holds a potency I’ve yet to see fulfilled.
    I breathed this in….. aware that I still fail to use my entire lung capacity.
    I remember the hymn, Oh breath of God come breathe upon us…. equip your church to meet the hour.
    I will never breathe the same!


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Jane. You’ve added a dimension to the post: “I still fail to use my entire lung capacity.” The paradox of desiring more of God and yet being unable to breathe in enough to satisfy the spirit is a neon sign reminding me I am humanly self-focused, only reaching so far. That God would so strengthen and train me so that my capacity is increased enough to “get up off the couch” and live the Kingdom life I get flashing spirit glimpses of…
      I used to pray “I am willing to be made willing.” Increase, Holy Spirit.


  3. Joyce de vivre

    Thank you for sharing this enlightening post Robin! 🙂 Sometimes life is so full of rush that we forget to slow down and breathe. Thanks for imparting that we should hold more to God. May you continuously enjoy His blessings!


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