Morning Gifts – Count Them

From under patchwork, that old black dog shifts and weight is now against my foot, loyal fuzzy weighted dog hug.  I miss grandchildren and wonder what their waking moments will be like… try to slip into a child’s starry wonder of life where every new day is an adventure, a mystery waiting to be discovered, unfolded like a letter.  I whisper to see more.

And then I hear it – faintly at first, then the increase.  Bells, spirit-life bells ringing, calling me into the day I yet know nothing about.  It’s still a blank page, this day.  I feel the invitation to join God in the wonder of writing on it, after the line of His finger pointing to gifts He’s hidden for me, helping me find them.  I realize the joy of trusting, of moving forward with expectation of the great, of wonder, of never doubting that I am cared for and provided all I need.

I step forward like a child, my Father showing me, teaching me, pointing to early light on wood, to how the dog stretches, to a father’s lined face, a mother who prays, the design and flavor of banana-goodness.  I find the simple.  And everything seems new!  Trust builds and I live in the moment.  The now.  And I write on today’s page with each step of experience.

Words of truth always have to leave the paper and become part of who I am, what I choose, what I do.  Always I must look to see God in every person, every moment and not elevate myself, but come as a child – choosing love and thanksgiving – for it is in seeing that I see.  And God is behind all the faces in His image, the sunrises, the stars over pines, and I feel the wonder of Him.







(c) Robin Lawrimore, January 2012


6 thoughts on “Morning Gifts – Count Them

  1. Ronda

    I used to spend a lot of time trying to find “normal”… i think finding simple is a much wiser choice, more satisfying, and definitely more doable. Sometimes i think one of the gifts of becoming somewhat worn with age is being able to approach things in a more childlike way, having chosen to love and be loved, to forgive and be forgiven, enjoying simplicity and reveling in the mercy that is new every morning. Lord open my eyes to see!


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