Awakened to Time

God made seasons and we move through them, coming to understand the purpose in each, usually in the rear view mirror.  We tend to prefer the postcard version – the tulips, the beach umbrella, pumpkins, and snow drifts.

I am not sure what’s happened recently at your house, but in mine we’ve survived a transition period where it felt we were being lulled to sleep, a slow encroachment in negativity, a pressing of God’s breath out of our lungs.  The closing of 2011 and the walking into 2012 has a significance not felt for many years.

Beginning last March, my mom and I have prayed daily using a book by Sylvia Gunter and Arthur Burk entitled Blessing Your Spirit.  We have called the name of every family member and a few others to experience an increase in legitimacy, nurture, and change.  As the year passed, we were increasingly convinced that our two-generation prayers ordained by God and were key to unlock a moving forward in each life as our Cornerstone laid groundwork for 2012.  It has been an exciting way to pray as we have sensed the Presence of God and seen fruit in lives and circumstances.

What I did not foresee was the difficulty on the road between December and January.  As usual, feelings that rise up like fear or despondency or complacency arrive like a thief in the night – suddenly there, after a creeping in.  Nearing Christmas, we started to recognize weariness that demanded rest in unusual amounts.  As oppression mounted, it grew to show itself as a rising roadblock or hurdle, whispering greetings like “It’s OK to not move forward right now.  Just rest.”  “Don’t you trust God?  You’re so weary.”  And finally written on arrows was “Your dreams are ending like a year that closes out.  You’ll never have _____.”  (Just fill in the blank with your heart’s desire!)

With the increase of threat and lifelessness, the enemy was unveiled and became the bull’s eye for my sword.  We described feeling as though a balloon were pressing down upon us.  Clearly Father said, “Use the sword to pop that balloon.”  So we fought speaking the Word written, preferring the ones in red, and turning up the worship music, depleting the air in that oppressive balloon.  Situations that appeared as a mountain have moved…

Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.  ~Mark 11:23

No matter what is whispered in the ear, I decide what I will ponder and how I will feel about it.  The goal is to respond in faith, not fear, in strength, not weariness, for it is my King who is leading the way.  Awakened to the times we are in, we are pressing forward in faith with morning prayers that transform family, the land, and us.  We lean hard against the One who can carry our weight and burdens, shoulders where that Kingly Government rests, and pursue growth of what He planted in us.  And His scepter is always extended, a welcome to run into those Arms and approach that King.  And “a weary world rejoices!”

This is gonna be a good year.

(By the way, when we finished the book, we simply started again.  You can get a copy by clicking on the title above.  This SC prayer duo is rolling down the highway.)

(c) Robin Lawrimore, January 2012


6 thoughts on “Awakened to Time

  1. Arthur Burk

    I have always pondered the fact that the announcement of the birth of Jesus was framed in the phrase “Peace on earth and good will to men…”

    The devil’s relentless message is that God’s heart toward us is not good.

    It is still a lie.

    Glad you beat it.



  2. Charlotte Mallery

    Great post! Around 2004 I was first introduced to the ministry of Arthur Burk. It has been life transforming. A friend and I did the same thing you and your Mom have done with the blessings. God is awesome. It is my desire to speak into people’s lives in that fashion. “The Redemptive Gifts” is another teaching of Plumbline ministries that is life transforming. Check it out.


    • Robin Lawrimore

      How to cool to hear you’ve prayed the book as well! Yes, Arthur Burk’s ministry has come to mean a lot to me as well. I have the CD set on the Redemptive Gifts. Listening to it makes me feel understood and free. Thank you for commenting.


  3. Vivecia Coomer

    Read a second time today. Have you published this? It is so insightful as to how we are seduced by the enemy, kind of like how you can fall asleep in a snow storm, feeling temporarily safe, but your actually dying by being exposed to the elements. I think I can identify with this writing right now. I am overwhelmed with cleaning—all I see is dirt, dust, & clutter and my heart cries for a beauty and order I can’t see yet. I feel this in the physical & spiritual.


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