Chrysalis Season – All Wrapped Up in God

Chrysalis: “The pupa stage of moths and butterflies, that is inactive and enclosed in a firm case or cocoon from which the adult eventually emerges. Anything in the process of developing.”
English: Monarch Butterfly Cocoon
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I’ve not written much so far this year, just four posts.  The lessons and words had flowed like a slow, but steady stream that seemed to dry up.  After prayers over the family lines concerning people who held back and played things safe, I feel wrapped up in God’s timing.  I’ve had other streams that dried up when it was time to leave where I was and move on to where God was leading.  And this is a year of moving forward.

Some trips take you physically from one place to another as your location changes.  Others change you where you are.

Elijah experienced both shortly before he knew a deeper desire for God and asked to see His glory.  Having run in fear at the latest challenge of Jezebel, he took what he determined to be the safe way out.  Away!  Hide!  “Oh, God, I’m the last one left!  Just kill me now!”  Exhausted, he slept and ate by a stream.  When it was time to move, what he had found refreshment and comfort in, water that had wet his tired throat was gone.

Then God cocooned him with His own hand, drew his spirit out of fear, and gave him a new glimpse into the heart of God.  It’s hard to remember your struggle when God is passing by in front of you.

I find it interesting that even in the running, God provides and brings about much-needed change, healing, and reconciliation.  I have felt cocooned by God in different seasons in my life.  Even as I struggled, He swaddled me in His presence, closing doors I was not equipped to enter, teaching me to follow.  I needed those cocoon seasons.  Some of the best lessons are learned in stillness.

They say that if we were to help the new butterfly out of the cocoon, its wings would never develop the strength to fly and instead of soaring, it would quickly die.

Struggle is like that.  Struggle is a strength-builder.  But equally important is the rest that brings transformation until it is time to try, to step out as God’s latest building project, stones of intimacy laid firmly in the spirit on which to stand.  Knowledge of Him becomes the priority, the gift.  New sight and awareness is the reward of seeking.

I thank God for the hidden work, for the way we become aware of Him, for the way He transforms.  I am thankful that He cares more about my knowing Him well over anything I could ever do for Him.  Like the butterfly who emerges with eyes that have a mosaic view, our view will always be larger when we allow ourselves to be cocooned, wrapped up by God.

And what was a slow, steady stream of words might just amaze me when He is done.

Father, your transforming Kingdom come, your amazing will be done – on earth, in us, as it is in Heaven. And Lord, please show us your glory!















(c) Robin Lawrimore, March 2012

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9 thoughts on “Chrysalis Season – All Wrapped Up in God

  1. Debra

    “A year of moving forward…” I’ll claim that! Today you confirmed some things for me. My prayers over the last few days have been those of Elijah. Yeah. I’ve been asking to see God’s glory. And a “Jezebel” has appeared in my own life – a control freak, as they call it nowadays. “Oh God, I’m the last one left!” I haven’t prayed for God to kill me yet. But I have felt an Elijah spirit of weariness. I’ve been in a cocooned season for a long time now. Several years really. And while I’ve dwelled here, I’ve done little but seek His face, His will. Nothing we can do for Him compares with knowing Him. Amen!


  2. Vivecia Coomer

    VERY RICH! I love the part about God caring more about how well we know hm than he does our service for Him…..I want to see his Glory too. Thanks for this post. Love, Vecia


  3. Joe Pote

    I love this post!

    There definitely are distinct seasons of change, and those are the seasons where we experience the most growth, or transformation. For me, right now, part of that is the ministry of writing and blogging…all quite new to me and still a bit uncomfortable.

    I love how you describe both the protective cocoon and the need for struggle…God seems to provide both, as He sees fit for our development.


  4. nacoleat6inthesticks


    oh, this is a beautiful write. oh, words, they escape me. you write of my heart. i know about this cocoon stage…the past two years i was very ill and i was here…God has done a healing and a miraculous work and I give Him glory for all the change. there was so much of what you said that i loved, but this is just one:
    “I have felt cocooned by God in different seasons in my life. Even as I struggled, He swaddled me in His presence, closing doors I was not equipped to enter, teaching me to follow.”

    yes. love the whole paragraph on struggle. every. word. blessings, new friend!


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