Dear Inner Song,

I can hear a few of your notes and the melody is one I already love.

I can hear a few places that are a still a bit out of tune, like an old piano who needs a visit from the man with the tuning fork.

I trust you to the One who created your lines, the Composer whose heart birthed you and placed you inside me.

Let your strings be stretched and tightened or loosened to provide a full sound.  Some strings are way too taught.  The One can loosen these before they break so that all your notes are heard.

You are a masterpiece of sound, with colors flowing and overlapping, bringing joy to the hearers nearby, many who are part of a Heavenly band.

So sing on!  Sing out!  With full lungs, let yourself be heard for your true audience is One who will never criticize or roll the eyes.  Your true audience is sitting in His seat straining to hear you… waiting to hear those first notes roll through Heaven’s atmosphere.

Your sound, your melodies are created to flow in harmony with others around you who lift their voices – in love, in war, in weakness and strength, voices that speak Heaven’s words bringing that Kingdom here.

And if the song seems to change or you don’t remember the words, just open your mouth anyway and follow the Conductor’s lead.  He is very present and carries your sound throughout time and space, your song a prayer whose influence rolls through centuries.

So don’t worry about a squeaky voice.  Heaven will give strength to your diaphragm.  Your song, your voice is ready “for such a time as this.”  Sing!

(c) Robin Lawrimore, March 2012


3 thoughts on “Dear Inner Song,

  1. Jen

    God knows there are places in my heart that are way too taught. I echo your sentiments.

    BTW, you did link your blog successfully! Sometimes Linky just takes some time to appear. So glad you linked up.


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