The Choir in My Head

A friend suggested that I regularly speak encouragement… to myself.  I think this is a splendid idea!  The Lord has been more than faithful with prophetic words, scriptures, and even songs to keep me going, heading in the right direction.  He blesses my spirit with strength and sometimes I hear songs like this one by Tift Merritt on mental repeat and I join with it right out loud and it fills the air around me.

Sometimes there’s a choir in my head,

Singing at the top of their voice,
Singing at the top of their voice,
They sing, “Don’t look back.
Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared.”

MUCS singing Carmina Burana
MUCS singing Carmina Burana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I need to listen to the choir in my head that sings out the “You can do it!” tunes. There was a kind of ridiculous sitcom years back about a woman whose therapist told her she needed her own song so that when she was feeling down, she could just let it play.  Ally McBeal found her tune and as it played in her head, the people around her on the street could hear it, too!  They were bopping along to the beat and she realized that as she changed, it changed people around her.  Her song had its influence.

I told someone at work recently that we can’t check our souls at the door, that we enter and clock in with spirit, soul, and body all intact.  We bring along what we have consumed, soil from where we’ve walked.  If the path has been uphill without a handrail, we may need a little encouragement.  So find a song that cheers you on.  You are worth it – your value is immeasurable, treasured child of God.

To listen to Tift Merritt’s song, click here.

You can do it!!


(c) Robin Lawrimore, May 2012


4 thoughts on “The Choir in My Head

  1. Jane Hillyard

    Thanks, again, Robin. I have a great repertoire of those songs, ancient and modern! One of the things I love to do when I wake is listen to the song my spirit has been singing during the night. That way I ascend to its elevated position, to walk my day seated in the heavenlies.


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