Dear Heart,

Relax.  You are just learning to drop so much self-protection.

You are learning to more fully trust in your Father… who watches over you with an intent gaze and longing to see you soar.

While it’s true that you have at times been in as many pieces as a mosaic, your Father has been at work healing and shaping and restoring.

There are red words hidden in you, blood and Blood swirling together with a medicinal effect – for it says The word of God is living and active, sharper than a two-edged sword, able to divide between spirit and soul, joints and marrow, so that our truest selves are laid bare before Him – the Physician who knows how to put us back together.

{Active} – the medicinal word describing how living and active is the Father touch in our lives, how His words set in motion the healing needed – and those words never return to Him without fulfilling the purpose for which they were sent.

Heart, be blessed to feel and live in the assurance of this Love that casts out all fear. Beat on!

Be blessed to find healed places like waters gone by.  Memory does not cause pain, but gives God glory as healing becomes testimony.

Be blessed to find stronger ankles that are able to climb to heights yet unreached, before seemingly impossible mountains, now with renewed, restored ability to scale like a deer.

Heart, be blessed to be so filled with His presence that nothing seems impossible to you, security is never doubted, and love is the wave ridden over deep that calls to deep, lifting you higher.

Let this LOVE that courses through your veins, that knit you together with valves and ventricles, conscience and calling, be the love that is given and received.  Made in LOVE.  Cherished.  Daughter – {with full inheritance and an open heart}.

“Because thine heart was tender” (2 Kings 22:19).

(c) Robin Lawrimore, June 2012


5 thoughts on “Dear Heart,

  1. Paula

    Cherished daughter…Heart beating with HIS…Living waters of life coursing through our veins….Same DNA as Abba Father…LOVE…REAL LOVE…How blessed we are ❤


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