Underneath a Blue Sky

I am sometimes unable to remain indoors once my cup of warmth is in my hand.  I need to stand out underneath that blue sky and notice the first brush strokes of the day.  Butter sun is peeking through the pines, moving.  Still a cool, fresh canvas, there’s a member of the Woodpecker family on the wing with a glimpse of red, black, white that disappears into green.  And I long to be on water.

This day is new and is all I have… all I ever have is present moment. A living canvas.

Such is life.  The Bible says we are like living stones being built up into a house – continual change, moving with every spin of this earth, and I stand here at the meeting place between the present-moment God and all of us with my feet on the earth He called into being…. and I know.

I know that I am His voice here to bless, to forgive, to speak into being the things He reveals as His will… and the brush feels too big for my hand, but He encourages me to try.  And I paint some brush strokes I like and some I don’t, but He says it’s the most beautiful art to Him because I am His child.  I imagine He hangs it on His refrigerator, if He has one, waiting for the next time I try something new, never comparing mine to others.  All creation is for relationship.

I ready myself and step out… into the new day, onto the new canvas that is ever-changing, and feel safe that the Master Artist will love and teach and help me learn to hold the brush… underneath His blue sky.

Hmmmm.  What color is nice with turquoise?  Let’s try them all!

(c) Robin Lawrimore, June 2012


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