My life is a collection of pages, one page per day.  Some have many lines written where I chose the words and many lines where others wrote on my life.  I don’t get to go back and edit any of it.  Then there are pages that don’t have much written on them, and I wonder how I spent that day, if it was useful and well used, a well written day.

A well written day can equate with a well written life.  I used to live in fiction by pretending things were OK when they weren’t or by living my life for others in a strange tangle of dependence.

God handed me a new pen a few years back that writes only non-fiction and challenges me daily to live a non-fiction story that is reality.  For only His version of reality is true and unadulterated, and whether it’s considered a good day or a bad day is a matter of perspective.  Whether I’ve lived truly in my heart is what matters to me.

Even in bookstores, I don’t wander the fiction aisles, but head straight for the “real stuff” for this new life of non-fiction is also developing my voice.  As a life is changed, transformed, turned inside out, so is the voice of that life, and the story tells itself.

It’s important to me for others will read my story and I want them to read a page turner!  I don’t want to be satisfied with the playing-it-safe kind of plots that are boring and mundane, but instead find within these pages a story of adventure, risk, and a stepping out of normal.  Earthly normal is just that, but I want to see from a higher place and write a life from a higher view.

When I come to the last few pages, I want it to unfold in a flourish and watch as red ribbons wrap it up and heavenly hands hold it carefully as a favorite to treasure.  I want to hear what parts God liked best as we remember together the pages of a life authored by Him.



Today I’m linking up with the 5 Minute Friday @thegypsymama.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, July 2012


8 thoughts on “Story

  1. Dawn

    Eloquently written. Thank you for sharing your story. It is such a blessing to read your “heart words”. I know it will be a blessing to others.


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