It’s Tough Being a Woman

That is the subtitle of the Beth Moore study on the book of Esther that I will begin tonight with a friend.  Already feeling the desire to dig deeper into this book, this story of preparation, choice, risk and fulfilling God’s purpose.

Esther had a choice as to whether she would risk her very life by approaching the king with her request.  Sometimes a great story finds us, like it did Esther, and we realize suddenly that we are a main character in a story that maybe we would not have chosen, but one we have to walk out anyway.  Sometimes we can choose to live out a great story by seeking out and taking steps towards our vision of adventure.

Either way, safe, boring and dull don’t make for interesting reading.  If someone were reading your story, what would you want them to feel?  Inspired to take risks?  Challenged to carry out something great for the Kingdom of God?  Or would your story have them yawning before they finished the first chapter, asleep on the couch as your story falls to the floor?

Living a great story is always about more than you, for as private a life as you may have, you are a person of influence if you are breathing.  Your life, man or woman, is designed by God to influence others.  It’s been that way since the beginning.  It’s not changing now – so how can you and I change to bring greater positive influence, greater joy, greater faith to those around us?  You know what it is.  Pray for guidance, like Esther, and step out.  Submit to God and allow the story He has designed for you to change you and others.

Like Esther, you are not without help, and you were born “for such a time as this”.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, July 2012


8 thoughts on “It’s Tough Being a Woman

  1. Ramona

    Amen!! I live a health challenged life but God’s mercy and grace abounds within my life, thank you for these words of encouragement!!


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